Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Paper Organization!!!

Hey All!!!  Ok as promised here is an update on my reorganization of my scraproom into the 4 Section System and my ScrapRack.....OMG this is going to be quiet the process...but so far so good!!!  I am taking things slow.  Basically one section of my room at a time.  Baby steps.  LOL

When I started I dedicated an entire Saturday to setting up my folders and sorting the majority of the paper in my Jet Max cubes and all of my cardstock.  That was a large task but I got through it.  :)  Completely unscathed.  Hahahah

Here is the video I took of my room about a month  ago and it shows you the before of my room....

Here is the beginning of the sort....I started with my cardstock.

This is what I ended up purging!!!  OMG!!!  it is 2.5 feet of paper ummmm WOW!!!  and YEAH ME!!!!  I am going to try and sell what I can the rest will go to our local elementary school.  I am sure they will enjoy it.....

Next I moved onto the paper in my Jet Max cubes and this was a little more time consuming...I had my Scrap Rack all ready for any embellies that I came across.....

ScrapRack ready and waiting!!!  :)

Organized Only Space....the paper in the bottom of the cubes is what I am organizing....there is more on the other side of the room....

Above is the picture of the paper on the other side of the room.... blow are my sorting templates and the start of my sort......

I have gotten through all of my paper in my Jet Max Cubes and my clip it ups...next I am moving onto this room....Ohhhhh My!!!!

I just have to remember one shelf and one container at a time....this time through this space I will be only doing paper...next time will be embellies....

I should mention that I am hoping to purge at leat 8" of patterend paper.  I am thinking I am getting close already I may have even passed the 8" and I am only 1/2 way through!!!  I feel lighter.  :)

I will post pictures after I am done with the patterend paper....Cheers for now!!!



  1. Way to go!! That's a lot of purging. Good luck. I think I am at the point of using 6 or 7 sheets of paper on one layout. Lol.

  2. It feels good when you do this I know wear everything is.