Monday, 17 November 2014

Mini Monday - Wrapping Covers Part 2

Hey everyone!  It is time for another Mini Monday.  We thought we would do one more day talking about covering album covers.   So today we are going to discuss how to cover shaped chipboard covers.

Today's technique is fairly simple.  There are only a few tools required.

Liquid glue or glue stick

Your favorite sanding tool.

a brayer.

And a good pair of scissors

The first step is to trace the shape of your chipboard album onto your patterned paper.  Below I am showing both sides of my double sided patterned paper.  The brown side of the paper is the side I want showing so I am going to trace my shape on the opposite side, or the pink side.

After you have traced the shape onto your patterned paper you are going to want to cut it out.  

Now add your adhesive to one side of your entire chipboard shape.  Make sure you get as close as possible to the edge of the shape.  This will ensure that your edges of your paper will seal to the edges of the chipboard.  

Using liquid glue or a glue stick will give you some wiggle room in the next step.

Now lay the paper shape you cutout on top of the chipboard. Try to match the sides up as close as possible.  Now you can slide the paper shape around until all the edges match.

Once you have everything matched up run your brayer across the shape a couple times.   If you don't have a brayer just run your hand across the paper a couple of times.  The reason for doing this is, to make sure there is a secure stick between the chipboard and paper.

Now that we have everything glued down.  Give it a minute to dry.  

Next take your sanding tool and sand all the edges of your piece.  This is going to help hide all the imperfect edges and help get rid of any excess paper.

After you have finished sanding all the edges of the piece you can add a coordinating ink to the edges.  This is an optional step but is one I usually do.  It helps hide and imperfections and adds a little extra wow factor to your mini. To apply the ink I usually use a finger dauber.  The application is very easy.  Simply dab your dauber into your ink and rub it across the edge of your piece.

Apply the ink to all the edges of the piece and to the edge of the chipboard.  

Once you have completed this step you are done one side of your cover.  Repeat all the steps for the other side.

That is it for today my scrappy peeps!!  :)  Next week we are going to start talking about different binding systems.

Happy Scrap'n!!

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