Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Long Long Long Day!!!

Ok, yes!!!  I am supposed to be working my day job, but seriously!!!  I just can't seem to get motivated.  So, here I sit blogging basically about nothing.  Hahahahaha....anything to kill the time on this never ending day.

The sun is shining outside.  Which is fantastic, considering the weather we had yesterday...which was anything but fantastic.  LOL  It really was the weirdest weather I had ever experienced....there was rain, snow, hail, lightening and thunder....we got it all in one day.  As they say only in Saskatchewan.  :)

Hmmmm what else can I yammer on about....ohhh our youngest daughter is in English riding lessons and last night she jumped 3 feet for the first time.  :)  It was a big deal for her and me....I wish I could have gotten a picture of her smile when she was done.  I know that 3 feet doesn't sound like a lot but trust me when you are cantering along on a 1200lb horse....it really is a big deal.  :)  You know I just thought of something...she is not going to be happy with me if she ever finds out I was blogging about her.  Hahahahah...good thing I am not using names....better thing that she never reads my blog.  LOL

I have some exciting news about the store...more new product is going to be arriving soon..but I think I will keep it secret till it arrives.  More CHA goodies.  :)

Well I guess I should really get back to work....

Talk to you soon.... :)

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