Friday, 23 March 2012

Design Team Call Changes

Hey All,

I have been speaking to some very creative people who are part of other Design Teams and I have decided to make a few minor changes to the "Perks" you will get.

The first change is to the cost of the Design Team kits you will receive each month....there will be no charge.  It seems it is only fair if you are working designing for me that I offer the kits at no charge.  :)

The second change is to the mention of the Christmas Party.  Obviously if I have DT members from all over Canada it will be a little tough to host a Christmas party.  So, this will be removed.

The third and final thing is not necessarily a change....there has been some concern about doing YouTube videos.  Although this will still remain a requirement we will have a DT meeting discussing the frequency of the videos and try and answer any question you may have.

Ok this is it for now.  I am off to the the Christian Life Academy crop this weekend.  I am super excited about this one.  :)

Talk to you all soon......

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