Friday, 25 January 2013

Little Yellow Bicycle and Treasure Box Designs

Hey All!!!

WOW!!!  3 Posts in one week!!!  I am on a roll.  hahahah....  I have been working on the You Make Me Warm All Over file from Treasure Box Designs for a while now.   Trying to piece everything together in between paper sorting.  :)   Here is what all comes with the download.

I couldn't resist these cute little firemen!!!  Perfect for any little boy.  :)  I finally got it all together and this is what I came up with.  :)  If you are interested I will have this layout for sale in my Etsy Store.  :)

The patterned papers are from the Little Yellow Bicycle line - Saturdays.  This is the last of the paper I have otherwise I would have made a 2 page layout.   I thought it turned out cute as a 1 page layout.  :)

I am almost done with the paper sorting and organization.  Once I have the mess cleaned up I will post more pictures of the end result.

Have a great weekend!!!


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Paper Organization!!!

Hey All!!!  Ok as promised here is an update on my reorganization of my scraproom into the 4 Section System and my ScrapRack.....OMG this is going to be quiet the process...but so far so good!!!  I am taking things slow.  Basically one section of my room at a time.  Baby steps.  LOL

When I started I dedicated an entire Saturday to setting up my folders and sorting the majority of the paper in my Jet Max cubes and all of my cardstock.  That was a large task but I got through it.  :)  Completely unscathed.  Hahahah

Here is the video I took of my room about a month  ago and it shows you the before of my room....

Here is the beginning of the sort....I started with my cardstock.

This is what I ended up purging!!!  OMG!!!  it is 2.5 feet of paper ummmm WOW!!!  and YEAH ME!!!!  I am going to try and sell what I can the rest will go to our local elementary school.  I am sure they will enjoy it.....

Next I moved onto the paper in my Jet Max cubes and this was a little more time consuming...I had my Scrap Rack all ready for any embellies that I came across.....

ScrapRack ready and waiting!!!  :)

Organized Only Space....the paper in the bottom of the cubes is what I am organizing....there is more on the other side of the room....

Above is the picture of the paper on the other side of the room.... blow are my sorting templates and the start of my sort......

I have gotten through all of my paper in my Jet Max Cubes and my clip it I am moving onto this room....Ohhhhh My!!!!

I just have to remember one shelf and one container at a time....this time through this space I will be only doing time will be embellies....

I should mention that I am hoping to purge at leat 8" of patterend paper.  I am thinking I am getting close already I may have even passed the 8" and I am only 1/2 way through!!!  I feel lighter.  :)

I will post pictures after I am done with the patterend paper....Cheers for now!!!


Monday, 21 January 2013

Love Is In The Air

Hey All!!!  I have a layout and a card to share with you this fine morning.  LOL  I am rather chipper this Monday morning in spite of the frigid temperatures here in Central Saskatchewan.  It is -30.....-42 with the windchill...that is insanely cold!!!  It is on days like these I am glad I have an inside job.  :)

Ok onto warmer things...hahahah.

This week I used the Love Is In The Air file from Treasure Box Designs.  Here is a picture of what you get with the file.  As you can see you will receive tons of piecings with your purchase.  :)

Here is a layout I completed.  This is a super cute and super fun file to put together.  :)

The papers I used are from Making Memories...I can't remember the line but it is from at least 3 years ago.  :)  

Here is a card I made using the another one of the piecings from the same file.  :)

I will have pictures and an update on the reorganization of my scraproom this week also.....I am almost done with the paper about 1/2 way there.....  :)  

Friday, 11 January 2013

Fancy Pants and TBD Layout!

Hey all!!  Well it has been a super busy week.....I had my the start of my Stamp'n Up group this week.  We have a bunch of new ladies this year.....We have a great group.  :)

My Scrap Rack has arrived but I had some design team commitments to take care of before I could get started with that.  I am anxious to get started sorting and organizing but part of me is wondering if I shouldn't wait for the webinars to start before I get too carried away??   I probably won't be able to wait that long...LOL so I will more than likely get started this weekend.

So I have been busy creating another layout for Treasure Box Designs.  :)  Before I share, I have to say that the girls over at TBD are amazing!!!  They all made us feel very welcome right from the get go.  :)  Ok so here is the layout.  :)

The papers I used this time are from an old line of Fancy Pants papers called Happy Day and the SVG file from Treasure Box Designs is called - U Color My World.  I love these cute little bears!!  I had to work on the eyes and I am still trying to perfect my technique.  Once I am more comfortable with detailing the eyes I will do a video.  :)

I also used my Kiwi Lane Designs - Designer Templates.  No surprise there LOL...considering I never leave home without them.  Hahahahahah  Ok the templates I used this time are Madison Avenue, Abby Road,
Scallops, Accents, Mini Aspen Court, strips and of course the Photo Sets.  

I am going to start taking pictures this evening of the before and after of my Scrap Rack adventures... :)  I just reorganized my room so it really isn't that bad but I am hoping you will be able to see some noticeable changes over the next 8 weeks or so..


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Treasure Box Designs - Design Team!!!

HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have the most exciting news!!!!  I was accepted as one of the new Treasure Box Designs Design Team members!!!

I am extremely excited and super honored to have been chosen.  I have posted the one of my entries in the pervious post.  Here is the other one.  :)

I used the Bushels of Memories file from Treasure Box Designs  This is the cutest design.  I totally fell in love with the little green worm in the wagon.  :)  I couldn't resist.   LOL

And of course I used my Kiwi Lane Design Templates  and the Bo Bunny Apple Cider paper collection for the layout design.  :)  I really need to start writing the templates down that I use..I am pretty sure I say this every time I post ... LOL   ..I do believe that I used the Aspen Court 12" Border, the 12" Strips and the photo templates.

I have one last piece of news.  :)  I am reorganizing again.  But I am hoping that this will be the last time.  I have ordered a Scrap Rack (there is a link at the top of the is a Canadian Webstore   Yahhhh!!!) and I have signed up for Tiffany Spauldings 2013 Relove to Get Organizationed Challenge.....  Soooo my Scrap Rack is on its way and I am hoping to take you through my organization challenge with me.  :)  Whew!!  I am going to be busy over the next little while.  :)

Ok I will report back when I have my next layout TBD layout ready and my Scrap Rack arrives


Friday, 4 January 2013

Bo Bunny Powder Mountain Layout

Hey All!!!

I have the cutest layout to share with you!!!!  :)  I created it using the Bo Bunny Powder Mountain paper and of course my Kiwi Lane Designer Templates and of course one of the Treasure Box Designs SVG.

Ok lets see if I can remember which Designer Templates I used.  I should really start writing these things down......hmmm  Here goes...LOL

Madison Avenue - Chestnut Lane - Scallop Borders - Strips - Photo Set

The SVG from Treasure Box Designs is called Tweet Winter Nights

I had a ton of fun creating this one.  I have it up on my Etsy shop!!!

Thanks for stopping by and looking.